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Valued Opinions New Zealand Review

Taking online surveys with Valued Opinions is a great way to earn free gift cards in NZ

If you want to take paid surveys for vouchers or as a way of making extra income, you can’t go past Valued Opinions as a legit survey site in New Zealand.

There are many reasons I consider Valued Opinions to be the best survey site in New Zealand, so in this Valued opinions NZ review, I’m going to discuss why I prefer Valued Opinions over other survey sites and share others reviews of this kiwi survey site.

Valued Opinions NZ Review

If you’re looking to earn free gift cards, NZ participants can take surveys with Valued Opinions and start building a gift card stash today.

Valued Opinions offers surveys in New Zealand, Australia, United States and more.

How regular are their offers

I get emails almost daily with new surveys from Valued Opinions.

I have noticed that Valued Opinions send me way more emails after I’ve completed surveys, so keeping an active profile seems to be important.

How do you earn points

Just by taking surveys. Valued Opinions pay in local currency, so I get actual cash value every time I take a survey.

This is why Valued Opinions are my favourite survey site. They are transparent. No confusing points system.

In this Valued Opinions NZ review I will show you how to earn vouchers with Valued OpinionsEach email I receive with an invite to participate in a survey tells me how much the survey pays and how long it’ll take.

I know ahead of time if it’s worth my effort.

>>Click here to join Valued Opinions<<

How much do they pay

In New Zealand, Valued Opinions claim to pay up to $5 per survey. The highest offer I’ve had recently was $4 for a 30-minute survey.

I usually get invites for surveys taking 10-15 minutes paying $1-$2.

How to redeem points

Redemption is simple.

In the dashboard, click over to ‘My Rewards’.

Valued Opinions rewards

Your balance will be clearly shown at the top right of the page.

You can then select the rewards you like.

They are currently:

  • Farmers $20
  • Rebel Sport $10
  • Mighty Ape $20
  • Xbox Digital Gift Card $25
  • J-B Hifi $20
  • Subway $10
  • XBox live 3-month subscription $30
  • iTunes $20
  • Super Cheap Auto $20
  • Hoyts cinevoucher $12 (1 Adult ticket)
  • Unicef donation $10

To redeem your reward you will need to verify your account with a valid number for the region.

This involves entering your mobile number and being sent a validation code which you’ll then need to enter to complete redemption of your reward.

It is stated in the Valued Opinions help section that you can also validate with a landline but I’ve never done this so can’t advise how it works.

Other things to note

Valued Opinions do not pay cash. If you’re looking for Valued Opinions PayPal rewards you will be disappointed.

I don’t mind this too much as I always find a use for Farmers vouchers but if you want to take Kiwi surveys for cash you’ll need to find another survey site (my picks here).

If a survey is full Valued Opinions will usually offer you an alternative if there is one available.

What do other people think?

Valued Opinions reviews tend to be positive, especially here in New Zealand.

Most reviewers state they don’t have a problem getting paid and receiving rewards isn’t too taxing.

I think the key thing to remember when reading reviews of any survey site is to be realistic.

A lot of negative reviews stem from people saying the pay is too low to justify their time.

If I extrapolate my earnings from taking surveys in at between $6-10 an hour which is well below minimum wage.

But this isn’t a job. I use my survey earnings to pay for gifts so I don’t have to touch our savings.

I do surveys when I’ve switched the washing machine on or sat down for a coffee. This is the time I’d usually be surfing Facebook. Which pays me nothing at all.

If you’re realistic with your expectations, taking paid surveys with Valued Opinions is an excellent side hustle.

Best Paid Surveys in New Zealand for Making Extra Money Online

Taking paid online surveys is the simplest way to make extra money online in New Zealand. I take paid online surveys whenever I have a spare moment (sure beats scrolling Facebook aimlessly!)

By joining a multitude of survey sites, it’s totally possible to earn an extra hundred dollars a month or more.

I’m a bit of a survey junkie, so I want to share this review of the top paid surveys NZ has to offer aims to save you time in deciding which of the top paid survey sites in New Zealand you should join.

Taking surveys for money is a numbers game. In order to be successful in taking online paid surveys, you need to register for more than one of the top survey sites.

Top Online Survey Sites in New Zealand

1. Valued Opinions

One of the best survey sites for Kiwis. I love Valued Opinions.
Amongst all of the surveys we’ve researched, we found that Valued Opinions NZ reviews are the most positive.

Almost all of the experiences we read about in New Zealand praised Valued Opinions as the best survey site in New Zealand due to the frequency of survey offerings and the excellent redemption options.

In the beginning, I was slightly put off by how long it took to fill in the profile information (set aside at least 30 mins to set up your profile if you plan to make money taking surveys with Valued Opinions).

It was time well-spent however,  judging by the number of emails I’ve had to take surveys.

Redemption options include vouchers from Farmers, Rebel Sport, Hoyts, JB Hifi and Mighty Ape so there is something for everyone.

Survey Tip

If you want to take online surveys for cash, you’ll need a PayPal account.

Unfortunately, I’ve not heard of any NZ surveys that pay into a bank account. Signing up for a PayPal account is free – click here and the PayPal website will open in a new tab.

Once you receive the funds you earn from taking online surveys into your PayPal account, you can transfer the funds into your bank account or keep your balance in PayPal which is a handy option if you need to make online payments.

2. Opinion World

Opinion World NZ is a great survey panel if you want to do online surveys for cash.
One of the best survey websites, Opinion World NZ are a part of the large international survey brand, Opinion World. They are my top pick for Kiwi surveys that pay cash.

Owned and maintained by Survey Sampling International, Opinion World is a legit survey site in New Zealand.

Rewards include vouchers from The Warehouse, Mitre 10, Mighty Ape and an option to take a cash payment via PayPal.

Opinion World is one of the best surveys that pay cash in New Zealand so I definitely recommend you sign up to become a member.

Emails are regular from Opinion World

Whilst there are other surveys that pay you money, Opinion World has been one of the most reliable for survey offerings.

As an extra bonus, all survey participants are entered into a quarterly draw with the major prize being $2000 cash.

Opinion World offers the option for you to redeem points for more entries into the quarterly prize draw, however, most people who succeed at making money from online surveys view this as an added extra.

Unless you really don’t need the extra funds, the best way to think about this is a cherry on top.

Taking a gamble on winning a prize draw isn’t worth forgoing a cash payment or a gift voucher if you’re completing surveys for money.

3. Toluna Influencers

Toluna NZ is one of the top paid survey sites in New Zealand. Toluna offers more than just paid surveys for money.

You have the option to create polls, test products, have battles with other members and more.

You can still complete online surveys for money, but Toluna is a site where you could definitely spend some time building your profile and having some fun, rather than just scrolling Facebook (read my full Toluna review for more details).

I really like Toluna as they are well-established internationally, and the interface is great to use.

Imagine, you could get paid for surveys and other activities, and make a few bucks from your smartphone or tablet each evening. Nice!

Rewards include cash payment via PayPal and vouchers for Bunnings, Mighty Ape, The Warehouse, Farmers, iTunes or a Flexi e-gift card to be used at Dominos.

Toluna is one of the best PayPal survey sites as they offer a $10 cash option which is the lowest threshold I’ve seen in New Zealand. If you are looking for surveys that make you money which you can use to pad your budget, Toluna is a solid option.

4. The Panel Station

The Panel Station is one of the best paid online survey sites in New Zealand. This is a great option if want to complete online surveys for money, as the surveys are frequent and the payment is high, in my experience.
If you want to get paid to do surveys, The Panel Station is a solid option as they allow payment with cash via Paypal or vouchers.

As far as online surveys that pay, The Panel Station is easily one of the best in New Zealand offering real surveys that pay you.

One thing to be aware of is that your account won’t be credited until the survey has closed completely, meaning there could be a delay in payment. Just keep that in mind before you sign up.

5. Nielsen Digital Voice

Nielsen Digital Voice is a different kind of online survey for New Zealanders.

Nielsen tracks and rewards you for sharing your online activity via a piece of downloaded software.

When you sign up with Nielsen Digital Voice you will need to install the secure piece of software on your computer.

Nielsen states the software will not slow down your computer or impact performance in any other ways.

Online surveys and other earning opportunities will then appear on your computer as pop-ups as they come available.

You must be the owner of any computer you install the software on and over 18 years of age to participate.

6. Nielsen Homescan

Nielsen Homescan is another option for earning money by way of scanning the barcodes of the groceries you buy.

Nielsen then uses the information submitted by their handheld scanners to track and predict trends in consumer behaviours.

Once you’ve completed signup here, you will be sent a handheld scanner in the post.

The information you enter is transmitted weekly. Then your account is credited with points which you can use to redeem a range of items from a catalogue including electronics, gift cards, toys and household items.

This is an easy way to earn vouchers, redeem for items and win prizes in New Zealand.

TIP: Many of the companies offering New Zealand surveys online will give an option to receive an e-voucher. This means they send you an email with a link. Unfortunately, as I recently discovered at Farmers, you still need to print off the voucher. You cannot just show the cashier the voucher on your smartphone.

If your strategy when taking paid surveys online is to redeem gift vouchers and you don’t have a printer at home, it might be best to request your survey rewards to be posted out to you.

Keep checking back here as I share the best online surveys NZ has to offer.

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Opinion World NZ Review

opinion world nz review
One of the easiest ways to get started making extra cash online is by taking paid surveys.

I will be reviewing the top online survey sites in New Zealand to give you my honest opinion on whether or not they are worth your time. I’m starting with this Opinion World NZ review, as they are one of the top survey sites in New Zealand.

Who is Opinion World NZ?

Opinion World is a large international survey brand, run by Survey Sampling International. Over 3,000 companies worldwide use SSI to gain valuable business information in order to grow their business. SSI has 40 years of experience and 32,000,000 surveys are completed annually across the world.

What rewards do Opinion World NZ offer?

Opinion World NZ offer New Zealand paid surveys online for members. Prizes include vouchers for The Warehouse, Mighty Ape, Mitre 10, JB Hifi and an option to cash out with PayPal. You’ll need a PayPal account to receive the money you earn from paid surveys into your bank account. You can sign up for a PayPal account using this link (It’s free).

How to join Opinion World NZ

Opinion World NZ has a simple website interface. You can choose to join with your Facebook login but I don’t recommend it. One of my top tips for survey success is to set up a dedicated email address just for online surveys, or all the emails to your main inbox will drive you up the wall.

Voice out your opinion and be rewarded with amazing prizes! Click Here

  1. Sign up with your email and confirm your email address to get started.
  2. You’ll then be prompted to fill in your profile, from the home screen. It takes about ten minutes and is definitely worth doing as this is how you are matched with more relevant surveys. It’ll save you time in the future so definitely get on to it right away.
  3. Wait for a survey to pop into your email inbox.

It really is that easy! I’ve received invitations surveys almost daily since registering for Opinion World NZ. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Opinion World NZ Review.

Click to join Opinion World NZ now!

For more information about Opinion World NZ, have a look at the video below.

Toluna NZ Review: My Experience Taking Paid Surveys with Toluna

Toluna is one of my favourite paid surveys sites for Kiwis. To show you why I enjoy this site so much I wanted to do a Toluna NZ review so you can decide if this is a good survey site for you to join.

Firstly, a quick look around the Toluna dashboard (you can download the app too – but I prefer to take surveys on my laptop, when possible).

My Honest Toluna NZ Review

Toluna NZ is part of the ThinkAction network, offering survey panels all across the world.

They are a big name in the survey world, which makes me comfortable that I can participate with them long-term.

The Toluna Survey Centre

The Survey Centre is basically your dashboard. It’s where you can see which surveys are available for you to take and how much they are worth.

What I like about Toluna:

Toluna gives you points just for signing up, plus you can earn an extra 100 points for filling out more in-depth profile surveys.

This means you can earn from surveys before technically completing a survey.

They also give you extra points for referring friends.

I’ve always enjoyed taking surveys on the Toluna site as the interface is clean and modern (others could learn from them) and makes you want to stick around.

I get frequent emails from Toluna to take surveys.

I’ve always had plenty of opportunities to take surveys, with frequent emails inviting me to participate.

Remember one of the best ways to succeed with paid surveys is to have a complete profile.

This way the emails you receive to take online surveys will be targeted to you and you are not wasting time ‘qualifying’ for surveys that are not right for you.

What I might change:

Just last night I spent 5 minutes filling out a survey only to be deemed unsuitable.

I know this is the name of the game and it doesn’t happen often, but I would really love if Toluna could enter a message stating that I had been rejected from the survey, rather than just redirecting me to the survey centre without a note as to why.

A nice extra touch is that you are entered in the sweepstakes draw if you don’t qualify, so your time is not for nothing.

Toluna NZ Rewards

toluna rewards
Toluna is one of the only survey sites that pay cash in New Zealand. Their threshold for payment by Paypal is 20400 points for $10NZD. This is slightly higher than the 19,500 required for a $10 Mighty ApE voucher.

I don’t think it would take much time to accumulate this many points, especially if you kept an eye on your email and hopped into the surveys as soon as you could.

Polls & Sponsored Content

Another nifty way to boost your earnings with Toluna is by taking part in the polls they offer.

This Toluna NZ review includes screenshots and examples of how Toluna works.
The points offered are quite low but the questions take 10 seconds to answer, so definitely check them out.

Toluna offers a solid survey panel for Kiwis to share their opinions and be rewarded for doing so. It’s a site I keep returning to, and I recommend you check it out too.

Click to join Toluna NZ now